Democrat Candidate
for County Supervisor
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Quick Facts:

  • Education: Masters of Business Administration
  • Govt: Pacifica Planning Commissioner
  • Status: Married father of Lewis (9) and Baby Benjie (1).
  • Occupation: Developer-Medical epidemic tracking software
  • Rescue: PADI Certified Rescue Diver
  • Sport:Ironman Triathlon Competitor
    Brazil, Arizona
  • Multiple Marathon Finisher
  • 40 Mile Run Finisher
  • Martial Artist
  • Recreational Fisherman

Vote Dan Stegink -- Democrat for County Supervisor 勇者无敌

  • We deserve better than business as usual in San Mateo County,
    where insiders look after each other and raise the taxes of working families while helping campaign contributors.
  • Working families are being taxed to death.
    I won't ever vote to raise your taxes. San Mateo County should live within it's means.
  • We've had the third worst traffic in the nation for decades, yet career politicians refuse to try even incremental fixes and have done almost nothing.
  • You may be shocked to learn your household already owes $11,000 in San Mateo County pension debt, and households in Menlo Park, Pacifica, and San Carlos owe even more:
    [ $13,920  Menlo Park ]   [ $12,277  Pacifica ]   [ $10,632   San Carlos]
  • Vote Dan Stegink -- Democrat for County Supervisor 勇者无敌